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I both sold and bought a house through Stewart Estate Agents and would highly recommend their service, it's excellent. The team were fantastic from day one. Very professional, friendly and most importantly, reassuring. They kept me right every step of the way.
L Trueman

It is often mentioned that selling your most valuable possession can be a stressful time in your life, but it can be more than a moving experience.

We have the experience and know how to help manage your property sale step by step.


One of our experienced valuers will be delighted to visit your property and advise you on the current market value and the best marketing advice to achieve the best results for you.

Our marketing valuations are free…
so why not make an appointment for us to visit your home on 028 9261 2121.


Everything we buy in the modern world must have a visual appeal to capture our attention, so presenting your property at its best is crucial.

Our photographers have the knowledge and equipment to take the best photographs for that visual appeal, but here is how you can help:

  • Make sure your property is clear of clutter and avoid any distractions from cables, toys and pet paraphernalia as well as busy work surfaces
  • Have your lamps lit for a more homely, ambient photo
  • Clear any cars parked in the driveway so the photographer has a clear view of the property. Remember first impressions can start with this photo

Floor plans and EPCs

We will prepare your professionally designed floor plan at the same time as the photo shoot.

Your buyers will rely on a floor plan to see how the property flows and identify the room sizes visually and easily.

The law requires you to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and provide it to us before we start marketing. If you bought your home in the last ten years, there will likely already be one. If you require an EPC, we can recommend a qualified assessor to provide you with an EPC.


Quite often buyers only see a property once before making the decision to offer.

We've found that buyers love meeting the current owners to get an understanding of what it is actually like to own the property. The initial viewing is precious for any buyer and it is a chance for the seller to meet the potential buyer. A great rapport between seller and buyer can make the whole experience more rewarding. However, we understand that it is not always preferred or even possible for sellers to show their property and we will happily provide a key and accompany service.

If you do decide to do the viewings, here are our some tips:

  • Identify the two best spaces in the house and try to start at one and end on another
  • When showing potential buyers parts of the house, try to explain them as benefits or backdrops for positive experiences
  • Avoid getting into negotiations - Politely refer the buyer to our negotiators who will take any offer and negotiate a sale
  • Be welcoming to potential buyers as they can be nervous and buying a home is a very important decision
  • Do try to point out positive things that buyers may not necessarily experience when they are there - great sunsets from a particular window, for instance, or proximity to schools, wonderful neighbours, the local parks …
  • Creating an atmosphere maybe an old cliché, but it definitely works. The lighting, fresh scents and even fresh flowers make a big difference as does the heating in winter
  • Be ready for the questions. What work have you done? What are the neighbours like? Why are you selling?

The Property Particulars

Tell us why you think your place is great and what it was that made you buy the property and not only details about the house or apartment, but also about the excellent local primary schools; the pub that does the best Sunday lunch; the community-focused neighbourhood; or the great parks for family bike rides. We want to convey as many great things about your home to our audience as possible.

In turn, we will put together a sales listing that we think shows your home in its best light. We'll send you the draft presentation and you'll let us know if you're ready for it to hit the market or not. If not, we'll make some edits and work it out.

Online marketing

We will list your property on 3 websites which will alert your potential buyers to your new property listing. The websites are now so easy to navigate and make searching for your home fast and effective. The websites are, and Your main property portals have you covered 24/7.

The power and influence of social media means we can promote your home in a fun and professional way to a wider audience, maximize engagement with direct interaction.

Our beautiful 'For Sale' boards are your friend. Estate Agents boards have been around for centuries and there's a reason ( they work!)

Your negotiator

We will help you navigate the journey of selling a property from preparing your brochure to organising the first viewing, all the way through to handing over the keys. This process can take months and all sales have their rocky moments so building up trust between you and your agent is key.

Remember, we only want the best possible outcome for your sale and support you through what can be a particularly exhausting and stressful time.

Appoint a solicitor

Instruct a solicitor to act for you in the sale of your property and inform them that you have placed you property on the market For Sale.

In order to act on your behalf, your solicitor will need the following from you:

  • ID - e.g. a copy of your passport, drivers licence and utility bill
  • Any guarantees e.g. NHBC, damp proofing, roof etc.
  • Any planning permission documents pertaining to the property
  • Building control consents if relevant
  • If you have a septic tank you will need a Consent to Discharge
  • Installation and servicing certificates e.g. electrical, boiler etc.
  • Full account details of any mortgages or secured loans
  • The EPC for the property
  • Full documentation and contracts for any solar panels

Other Things to Think About

Let us (and your solicitor) know as soon as possible if there are any significant issues with your home (structural problems, subsidence, asbestos, flooding, damp issues or Japanese Knotweed) so we can best manage them. As well as this being your legal obligation, it will make your sale quicker and less stressful, as we can be transparent with buyers before a sale is agreed. This helps us to prevent re-negotiations and the sale falling through later down the line.

Speak to your mortgage provider, if you have one, and check to see if there any redemption penalties that might affect the timing of your sale.

Have you had any work done on your property in the last ten years? Then please check, check and check again that you have all the paperwork you need. Always seek legal advice.

Completion dates

We are here to help. Your completion quite often ties in with a chain of properties involved in your sale and therefore good communication is the only way to ensure that a mutual completion date can be successfully achieved. Always seek legal advice on what may be outstanding in the conveyancing as this will delay any completion dates.

If we sound like your sort of people, why not give is a call on 028 9261 2121. We look forward to hearing from you.

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