🖤💛🧡 What a transformation🧡💛🖤

They were so professional at every stage, Nick took excellent photographs of our house, their brochures are far the best on the market.
A McIllhager
🖤💛🧡 What a transformation🧡💛🖤

DESIGN.ID our purchasers of the former building of GS Motorcycles in Royal Hillsborough, have given this unit an unbelievable eye catching transformation.

The grand opening of their 23LR Studio's was last week, where they unveiled their dream to reality in the old shed to the rear of the main building.

A vibrant, innovative & inspiring atmosphere, created in the heart of the Hillsborough community for artists, entrepreneurs or dreamers alike. Get in touch with 23LR Studios to see how your business could grow in this "pop up" studio setting.

We are so impressed with your Glow Up - Well done to all involved.